Spartan’s Life Science solutions are assisting our clients with the business transformations necessary to compete in the ever changing landscape of U.S. Healthcare

Spartan has worked with all the major data providers in Life Sciences. Using both traditional Data Warehousing and a variety of Data Discovery tools, Spartan specializes in creating Business Intelligence solutions that allow Life Science companies to quickly make effective use of their data investments. Spartan has successfully worked with a wide variety of Commercial, Clinical and Managed Care data to provide insights that our customers were previously unable to ascertain. With more than 15 years of experience in the Life Science industry, Spartan is uniquely qualified with both the technical and business experience to quickly provide results.

As the landscape of Healthcare and Health Insurance change in the U.S., customer needs of data has also changed. Pharmaceutical and other Life Science companies have had to drastically change their approach to Sales and Marketing of their products. These changes have created a demand for very different analytics that what has traditionally been supplied in the past.

All of Spartan’s Life Science solutions are generic enough to provide timely analytics while also being flexible so that custom requirements can easily be accepted and integrated into the solution.

Pharma Analytics