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Spartan Technologies offers the most challenging and interesting of projects. We know that exceptional skills and unique perspectives are required to create solutions to these challenging problems. By hiring people that adhere to our core values – teamwork, leadership, commitment, and integrity - we help our clients succeed.

Spartan believes that an engaging, collegial, and stimulating culture contributes to hard-working, dedicated people and innovative solutions. At Spartan we are big enough to offer mentoring and support, yet small enough to know everyone’s name. We are professional in all that we do, yet we have fun and look forward to coming to work in the morning. Teamwork is crucial, and each individual makes a difference.

A day at Spartan Technologies is not like any other day at your average consultancy firm. Our clients look to us for help and leadership, and that is what each of us delivers on a daily basis. We find that many of our clients excel in their industries, but often look elsewhere to gain the leading technological edge that will differentiate them from their competitors. That is where Spartan consultants shine.

So if you are ready to work with top-notch colleagues in a collaborative and knowledge-rich environment, knowing that you represent a company you can be proud of, then Spartan is the right place for you!

Read below to hear about our passions and our perspective and check Current Listings to apply.

Employee Perspective

Ed Grossman
“Our industry is littered with buzz-words; one of the most popular is “Solutions”. I joined Spartan because they are truly about providing their clients with cohesive solutions, not slick sales speak.”
Sean Sullivan
“I enjoy working at Spartan because of the people.  Spartan has a lot of smart people with great ideas on how to solve various business problems.”
Adarsh Gupta
“I work here because Spartan challenges me to achieve the best for clients; and gives opportunities to learn new ideas and technologies to compete with the industry.”
Chad Trierweiler
“I enjoy working at Spartan because every project I have been on everyone I work with is very professional, dedicated and focused on the goal.  It is truly a great experience continually accomplishing the goals that are put front of you.”
David Pressley
“Over a year ago I made a decision to join Spartan Technologies. I accepted the offer because I firmly believed in the philosophy and culture of the company. Spartan has been a great and exciting company to work for, with extremely talented, bright, and exceptional people. I've had an opportunity to build and develop strong personal and professional relationships with each of my co-workers. I believe the biggest asset of Spartan is the focus and attention placed on making our customers successful. This coherence of focus and goals directly translates to the culture, strength and success of the company. For all of these reasons, I'm very proud to be a part of the Spartan family."

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